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This national park is one of the best known national parks in Malaysia. It is famous for its rainforest and its easy way to get around. Taman Negara (National Park) straddles the borders of Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang in Peninsular Malaysia.

The Park encompasses more than 434,300 hectares and surrounds Gunung Tahan, the highest peak in mainland Malaysia. It has been a sanctuary to countless birds, butterflies, insects, fish, plants and animals, for more than 130 million years. This relatively unspoilt park has ancient trees with mammoth buttresses, unique flora and fauna and spectacular caves, waterfalls and mountain peaks. Many trails through jungle canopy walkways lead to observation hides, allowing visitors to catch a glimpse of the wildlife, particularly at dusk. Other activities here include cave exploration, fishing, bathing in crystal pools, or shooting the raging rapids.

There are tours available of 3 or 4 days, with overnight accommodation in air-conditioned chalets.
Trekking - Taman Negara is a particularly favorable destination for trekking, as the park's remarkable biodiversity is matched by a good network of jungle trails and the availability of expert guides. The park is also noted for fishing, especially along the upper reaches of the Tahan or Kenyam rivers, and for rafting the rapids of Sungai Tembeling.
Gunung Tahan Climb - Peninsular Malaysia's highest mountain, Gunung Tahan (2,187 meters), is located in Taman Negara, and climbing the mountain is an unforgettable experience. Due to the scarcity of water along the route, the journey must be done in two stages, and an experienced guide is compulsory. At least three days are required for the journey to the summit and back.
Flora and Fauna - Hiding in the very dense vegetation are the wild ox, gaur (dark in color apart from white ankle socks), sambar deer, barking deer, mouse deer (not much larger than a rabbit), wild boars, Malayan tapirs (related to horses and rhinos but more pig-like in appearance), clouded leopards, leopard cats, tigers, sun bears (these feed on fruit, honey, termites.), Sumatran rhinoceros, civets, Asian elephants (smaller ears and more hump-backed than African elephants), bats, nocturnal civets (these often beg for food from tourists), squirrel, tree show, a wide variety of primates, vast numbers of reptiles and amphibians, and 250-300 species of birds.

The list of wild animals in the National Park is endless. However, the possibility of not seeing anything exciting in a week besides mosquitoes, leeches and steaming piles of elephant dung is common. It is the matter of luck and timing to spot the wildlife here. There are six wildlife hide-outs for nature lovers, built around the many salt-licks.
Bird Watching - For many, the attraction of Taman Negara is the abundant bird life, comprising of over 350 species. Though many forest species live secretive lives, either foraging in the undergrowth or hiding up in the canopy, at times these species may visit more open areas when there are flowers or blossoming trees. Perhaps the easiest place to spot the diversity of birds is right at your resort, where trees may have been planted to attract birds. These sites will be active early in the morning. The observant visitor may encounter such exotic species as the Crested Fireback (a type of pheasant) and the Great Argus as it performs in its dancing ground. Hornbills are often seen, including the Wreathed, Great Argus and Indian Pied Hornbill; the Rhinoceros Hornbill is perhaps the most dramatic of all, with its huge red, orange and yellow casque. During the winter migration season, when birds from North Asia move south to warmer climes, the rare and unusual Masked Finfoot may be sighted along the banks of Taman Negara's rivers. Keep an eye out too for the attractive Black and Red Broadbill, and other Southeast Asian forest birds including Leafbirds, Trogons, the Asian Fairy Bluebird, Barbets, Minivets and Woodpeckers.
Activies - Jungle-trekking, white-water rafting, fishing, guided nature walks.
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